300lb BEAST smashing furniture with Guts' Raider Sword


This is a 75% scale raider sword, wielded by Guts in the anime/manga Berserk (Golden Age Arc). It is 63″ long and 24lbs, you can see full details of the build process here on my channel as well. We gathered up some free craigslist furniture and had a 6’5″ 300lb powerlifter/strongman try his hand at it.

If you ever hear of anyone saying that welded blades or handles are weak, please point them to this video. The blade was completely dull quickly (obviously) but survived with just some tiny nicks that were repaired in 30 minutes.

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  1. Y'know, I appreciate the effort put into making it, but… It's far too thin. The weight looks like it comes from the handle and hilt, cuz the blade appears to be no thicker than half of a magazine, and that's pretty generous. I will say though, your videos on making it gave me some good ideas on how to make my own, but full-scale. Thicker, heavier, the whole thing. I already made a full scale wooden one for fun.

  2. Okay that is badass! Now i need that and dragonslayer with the thickness of the blade it has in the anime/manga of berserk. But damn! Nice job mate!

  3. Video demonstrates momentum of a weapon and how hard it is to actually cut through hardwood in a single slice with a sharp blade very well.

  4. Great, now you need to

    Get birthed from a hanging corpse
    Get adopted by a group of mercenaries
    Get abused
    Get a cut on your nose
    Kill your dad
    Run away
    Join some other mercenaries
    Live life
    Kill 100 men
    Have the lead mercenary get arrested for having sexual intercourse with a princess
    Get the lead mercenary out of jail
    Get the lead mercenary to bleed onto a red stone
    Get sent into the apocalypse
    Lose your arm
    Have your girlfriend get raped by your best friend

    NOW you are guts

  5. What I've noticed is that it's more likely the impact rather than the sharpness of the blade that causes damage….. I watched another guy who tried to build a "replica" of this unreal sword and he was a proper blacksmith…. I think that there's something wrong in the sharpening process and profile….. I mean the profile of the sides of the blade.. Or maybe it's the weight distribution that is wrong? I don't know…..

  6. Doesn't it annoy you using that blade with a rounded handle how it just doesn't index at all, making you smash the side of the blade into things mostly?

  7. And then you have the dragonslayer which according to death battle weighed approximately 400 lbs in the manga/anime 😮 cool vid dude, have you made any swords from other anime's or video games?


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