27 Best Types of Betta Fish – Beautiful Betta Koi Galaxy

This video is my collection about 27 best types of betta fish – Beautiful betta koi galaxy.

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the #betta, is a popular #fish in the #aquarium trade. Bettas are a member of the gourami family and are known to be highly territorial.

Males in particular are prone to high levels of aggression and will attack each other if housed in the same tank. If there is no means of escape, this will usually result in the death of one or both of the fish. Female bettas can also become territorial towards each other if they are housed in too small an aquarium.

Wild fish exhibit strong colours only when agitated. Breeders have been able to make this coloration permanent, and a wide variety of hues breed true. Colours available to the aquarist include red, orange, yellow, blue, steel blue, turquoise/green, black, pastel, white (“opaque” white, not to be confused with albino) and multi-coloured fish.

Super Red
Super Blue
Super Yellow
Super Black
Super White
Galaxy Nemo
Galaxy Koi

Super Orange
Mustard Gas

Solid – The entire fish is one colour with no variations
Bi-colour – The fins must be a different colour to the body to be a Bi-colour.
Cambodian – The body is pale, almost colourless, and the fins are a solid colour
Butterfly – The fins have distinct bands of colours
Marble – Irregular patterns throughout the body and fin
Piebald – pale flesh-coloured face irrespective of the body colour.
Full Mask – the face being the same colour as the body rather than what it would naturally be which would be darker than the body
Dragon – rich strong base colour with the scales on the main part of the body a pale iridescent
Multicolour – 3 or more colours on the body that does not fit into any other pattern category
Pastel – A light shade of colour seen only on the fins, body remains a flesh hue.
Koi – Koi are judged from the top down and look like their carp counterparts. Patterns should be uniform with clean color defining lines.
Nemo – are either white based or orange based and have 3 or 4 main colors. Orange, red, yellow, black

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