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  1. No matter how tasty it is, you can tell how slum these restaurants are. Just look at the littered floor and the dog. Slum, unsanitary and unsafe food is the result of the mindset and culture. Sadly, the same mindset and culture still linger in the States.

  2. I’m sad that this was your last meal which means no more Vietnam vlogs. I enjoyed all your travel videos throughout Vietnam.

  3. In the summer time over here in Fresno Cali we have that rare Herbs at every Asian market here . It’s like around $2 a bag. I got try that with pho next when it’s in season. The rooster comb is better when you Bbq and have it with beer . Great Video 👍👍

  4. Happy 500K subscribers! So awesome, what a great accomplishment. I love Pho, its one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes, next is def Banh Mi sandwiches.

  5. Joe, you need more videos of your vietnamese tour. make it legit though as there is so much to do and eat, its flavorful.

  6. if you think about visiting europe again. fly out to kosovo 🇽🇰 and albania 🇦🇱 Very welcoming people. (they bad at english tho😬) hehehe bringing my own people down. WaddaHeeeell

  7. Kyle in the house Kyle the man the best food blogger in the house we need old boy Yevato where u at old boy

  8. This vid got uploaded right when I got to my pho spot (was feelin’ under the weather), much thanks, Joe! 🙏😻🔥

  9. hey i was in this pho ga too in the end of 2019, my uncle know a lot about pho restaurants, and he said that it was the best in saigon too haha

  10. Wow is the kyle?! sick didnt know you were friends with him. All his vids made me cry when they find their family back mudda uncle joe

  11. Joe!! U are brave🤢🤭🙏🤮 🥰 Thank you for sharing part of Vietnam with us. I would love to go one day❤ I really enjoy your travel videos. Please share lots more🥰


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