2 Hours of Beautiful Coral Reef Fish, Relaxing Ocean Fish, & Stunning Aquarium Relax Music 1080p HD


2 Hours of Beautiful Coral Reef Fish, Relaxing Ocean Fish, & Stunning Aquarium Relax Music 1080p HD

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  1. Thank you so much for watching my videos (◠﹏◠✿)
    Please share this video and give it a thumbs up! … It helps a lot.

    P.S. I'm also on Spotify・https://goo.gl/s0li3H

  2. Thanks for this channel. Beautiful to watch and soothing to listen to. I think I’ll use it to pray by today. 💛 Check out DappyTKeys Channel. That’s the channel I usually listen to as I pray, but I turned this on for my cat to see what she’d do, but she’s fast to sleep. 😀 It must be soothing to her, too. Much love! Stay blessed my friend. And Know…Jesus Loves you and each soul that reads this comment. 🌹❤️😘✨

  3. I did give it a thumbs up because it was so relaxing with the video and music but I am looking for reef fish including sharks and rays, not turtles.

  4. Só uma pessoa distante de Deus para odiar isso é ar deslike e daqui que vemos o porque o mundo nunca vive em armonia pessoas envejosas e mal amadas .

  5. Can you reveal where this was filmed and when? I know coral reefs and the fish that live in them have been taking a tremendous beating due to global warming recently.
    Everyone who enjoys this should watch the documentary "Chasing Coral" on Netflix (I am not affiliated with that production in any way) which outlines the problem and associated damage extremely well. Thanks.

  6. In the morning, I will try this for my work because I have pain in my under arm and can’t do my work until it gets better. And it’s getting worse, going to my chest. Hope I get better soon.


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