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Yamaha Mg06X Karaoke Mixer ➜
XLR Cables ➜
2x Jack to RCA Cables ➜
Digital Audio Converter ➜
Digital Audio Spliter ➜

1 mic setup ➜
2 mic setup ➜
4 mic setup ➜
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The best karaoke systems, can be customized and bought online. Honestly now all you need is a wireless microphone but if you really want to enhance your experience I highly recommend the Yamaha Mg06X mixer so you can adjust your singing voice, tv or song input, and ultimately control the total out through your home theater sound system. Back in the day I had a Magic Sing but that is now a thing of the past. Thanks for YouTube you can stream free unlimited karaoke songs from a FireStick TV, Chromecast, or even Apple TV from any device so you can sing along with family and friends. This karaoke system is cheaper than most sophisticated karaoke machines. I like how you can play old music to the newest trending pop songs, reggae, Tagalog songs, etc.

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    ✅2x Jack to RCA Cables ➜https://amzn.to/36AZgIt
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    ✅2 x 12" Subwoofer Setup ➜https://youtu.be/Nz4Wh6QvF04

  2. Hello, I setup like the way you show in the video. Everything I try to sing the voice not high and everything I try to sing zzzzz or bee sound with my voice to the speaker and when I turn the song high volume my onkyo receiver got turn off. What can I do to fix that problem?

  3. Hi. I am trying to put this system together for a very small basement. Is there anyway i can create this system without so many speakers? Maybe just one soundbar or one small speaker. If so, Do i still need to purchase a receiver? Or can i do it with just the mixer and the mics straight into the soundbar or single speaker.

  4. great video. Question, instead of connecting the mixer to a receiver, can you connect to a soundbar? The options would be 2x 1/4 to 1x 3.5mm? or is it possible to convert 2 x 1/4 analogue to digital (optical out)?

  5. Awesome! The only thing I have is a mixer, soundbar and a wireless microphone. Will I need a receiver and all the other additional wires…?

  6. omg i hope u see this 😩😩 what exactly does a receiver need to be compatible with this??? i am not sure which one to get or even look for 😩😩

  7. Hi
    Excellent video but I have a quick question:
    I’m planing to purchase a projector and use my Apple TV so how should I connect them together with this equipment?
    I want to keep the audio just for the TV same as yours when I’m watching just a movie using the sound system

  8. Thanks for this. I've set up pretty much the same system but the audio coming from the TV is so faint it can hardly be heard without buzzing. I already had RCA cables coming out of the TV to my receiver – sound was great. I moved those over to the Yamaha MG06X instead of using the digital audio converter. I figured you're going to RCA anyways it shouldn't matter. Right? Our Tonor microphones sound great with the mixer and my old Yamaha HTR 5640, but the audio coming from our connected Chromecast is preventing us from using it. Any ideas?

  9. Hi there, thanks for the detailed explanation of your setup. I want to set up home theater system that's similar which can be used for karaoke. But I read several people saying a home theater speaker isn't supposed to be used for Karaoke (or live sounds) to avoid the risk of damaging the speakers and PA speakers should be used instead? So I'm still deciding on the parts to purchase.

  10. was just wondering if you had made any changes to the setup since you posted the video? im looking at doing the same as i also have klipsch speakers but want to add karaoke to my system.

  11. Hi there! Could you please do a quick video on how you set your receiver up (on the setting screen)?
    I have all the same equipment but can't figure out how to get the audio out to the speaker.


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